Series 1 - Black & White

I believe there is a certain poetry in life that only black and white photography can truly express and do justice to. It reminds us of an older, simpler time, while still keeping its nuances and subtleties safe. Black and white photographs are what first inspired me to start photography, and I found myself quite surprised at the range of emotion they portrayed even though they lacked color — which for me had always played a big role in expressing emotions on the big screen. Black and white allows us to really, sincerely look at what is in front of us for what it is, without getting carried away by the follies of the colorful. It also creates a nostalgic atmosphere, and I have always been a sucker for nostalgia.

Series 2 - Peeping

This series is one of the first I ever created, and one I hold dear. Despite its possibly disturbing name, this series is a celebration — a celebration of being in hiding. Hiding to capture, without being noticed. Not only does this allow for subjects to be in their natural environment and for candid shots to occur, it also aims to express the feeling of being trapped, in a cage of sorts. From within this cage, the eye and the lens wish to entrap its subjects as they are — to capture them in a single moment, from which they may never escape again. From time to time, the subject does notice the eye, and the lens, and there is a beauty in that moment as well — all of a sudden, they are trapped in my eye, but they also have a choice as to how to react to this entrapment. Some smile, or laugh, some ask to see the picture, and some say “no photo” or look away. Either way, I am interested in the results. As far as inanimate subjects go, I also believe there is a beauty is trapping them, and depicting them from this imaginary cage I have created for myself.

Series 3 - In Motion

Though photography is to some extent the art of being in motion while portraying stillness, there is beauty is motion captured in a still image. This series depicts movement, whether that be from the photographer’s point of view or the subject’s. Despite the effort to capture a single instant in one image, life keeps on going, and people and things keep moving along after the photo is taken. Once the moment has passed, the train leaves, the boy turns around, the lights go off…This series is simply a celebration of movement, and motion.

Series 4 - Perspective

I’ve been told repeatedly that photography is mostly about luck — about being in the right place at the right time. I’ve also been told it’s all about where the photographer choses to position themselves in order to get the shot. This series thus explores the variety of emotions and thoughts which a particular choice of perspective can create in the viewer, but also for the photographer. Shooting the lake from the front of the boat may give us a sense of being all-seeing and powerful, while capturing someone alone on the beach from afar might create in us a feeling of emptiness and peace. I decide where to stand, you decide what to see.

Series 5 - Intimité

This series aims at something very simple: my desire to share the small, yet beautiful moments of my own life, the ones I think about when I lay in bed at night, and the ones we write poetry about. These photographs allow me to remember these moments, and to stay grounded in them forever. It is important to note I am still expanding it.

Series 6 - Montauk

After seeing the small Long Island town depicted in various films and TV series, it had been a dream of mine to go there. I didn’t just want to visit it in the summer though, when the town is in full boom — I wanted to see it in the winter time, desolate and empty, and really feel what it’s like to be at “The End of The World”. Here is that.